Settlements and lawsuits against furniture stores for renting or selling furniture infested with bed bugs have increased at an unprecedented rate across the country.

New, Used and Rental Furniture Claims

Millions of consumers in the United States purchase or rent furniture on an annual basis. All of these consumers have a reasonable expectation of receiving the furniture free of bed bugs. Unfortunately, in certain circumstances that is not the case. As bed bug attorneys, we undertake the representation of individuals that have been injured by bed bugs due to the purchase or rental of furniture from retailers across the country. The recent spread of bed bugs across the country has often been found to be attributable to business owners and their management team not receiving the proper and necessary training from licensed exterminators. All too often, certain furniture stores fail to correctly inspect and treat for bed bugs. This includes rental, used and new furniture such as bed room sets, mattresses, sofas, love seats, carpets, dressers and the like. The failure to inspect such items may happen before the particular item left the store or when it is returned from a former customer’s residence. It is our firm’s position that all furniture must be inspected and treated by the business owner prior to its return to the store or release to a customer.

New, Used and Rental Furniture Claims


Individuals that have purchased furniture contaminated with bed bugs may have a legal course of action against the negligent business owner, entitling them to compensation for their injuries.

Is Compensation Available to A Consumer That Purchased Bed Bug Infested Furniture?

There are alternative forms of compensation an individual may receive if he/she can successfully prove that the furniture store was negligent. The following are a few examples of the different forms of compensation and/or recovery available:

  • Money damages for exchange or complete return of the furniture
  • Actual injuries, whether it be in the form of physical injuries such as bites and scaring or psychological injuries, for example post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Licensed extermination treatments
  • Medical expenses
  • The purchase of replacement clothing, furniture or other items lost or destroyed
  • Alternative residential accommodations
  • Missed time from workNew, Used and Rental Furniture Claims

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