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Our bed bug lawyers have successfully settled and litigated bed bug lawsuits against both local and national hotels, motels, apartment complexes, vacation rentals, landlords, furniture stores and short term rental agencies, exterminators, and multiple other types of businesses.

Our bed bug attorneys have handled hundreds of cases for our clients around the country. We are a multi-attorney practice with a support staff, including investigators, medical consultants, diagnostic technicians and paralegals ready and available to both confirm and prepare your bed bug case.

We Are Attorneys Dedicated to the Problems Associated With Bed Bugs.

As a bed bug focused law firm, concerned with your health and well-being, we understand the importance of an organized and aggressive strategy.  Whether you have been attacked by bed bugs at a hotel or from furniture you recently purchased, we assist all clients with a wide range of settlement and litigation planning strategies. From negotiations with insurance companies to structuring settlements with negligent landlords, we think outside the box when it comes to securing results for our clients.

As is the case with any client we start with an in-depth analysis of the particular bed bug infestation and the goals of our client.  We approach the practice of resolving bed bug claims by first identifying the responsible parties and preparing an approach on a company-by-company basis. Since each client and company is unique, the strategy that we implement for bed bug infestations and related injuries requires an individualized plan. We utilize our vast network of pest control and medical experts to provide our clients with an expansive selection of options for resolving their claim.

Through our extensive litigation experience we can provide alternative approaches to what would otherwise be a traditional bed bug claim. We go beyond the obvious and utilize our vast network to find the best match for your needs. In most cases, the end result ultimately leads to our bed bug attorneys securing the necessary settlement enabling our clients to move past the suffering they have been through.

It is very important to preserve evidence and take immediate action in any bed bug injury case so we encourage you to contact us a soon possible. Please contact us if you are considering pursuing a bed bug claim or lawsuit. The initial consultation is free. There are never any fees or costs in a bed bug case unless we make a recovery for you.

We encourage you to request a free consultation by using our online form, or to call us at 1.888.315.6156 for a no-cost phone consultation with one of our attorneys.

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