Our client suffered from approximately 5o bites to his arms, hands, legs, face and neck while staying at a hotel in Orlando.  The hotel belonged to a major national chain that our client would frequently stay in while traveling.  As part of a rewards program, our client redeemed some points for a free weekend away.  Having stayed at this particular property before, our client felt very comfortable and looked forward to his trip.

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Orlando Hotel Bed Bug Injury Case Settles

Upon arrival, the hotel appeared to be undergoing some kind of renovation.  there were bed frames and mattresses stacked up outside in nearby dumpsters.  When asked, the receptionist indicated that they were designing some of the rooms, and that t\our client would be staying in an updated room. Our client was very happy, accepted the room, put his belongings on the bed and went out for the day.  When our client returned to his room, he changed his clothes and went back out for dinner.  When he came back for the night, he changed again, put his clothes in his suitcase and laid down to sleep.

At some point during the night, our client woke up with a very itchy sensation on his face and legs.  He went to the bathroom and turned on the light.  When his eyes adjusted from the brightness, he could see small red spots on his legs and a few similar looking spots on his face.  Our client figured that he had been bitten by mosquitos or some other insect during his time out of the room. He washed his face with cold water and went back to bed.

Orlando Bed Bug Injury Cases – Waking Up to Bed Bug Bites

When he woke, not only were there more bites on his face and legs, but also on his hands, arms and neck.  The pain was intense and felt like his skin was on fire.  Cold compresses did not alleviate the pain so our client went to the doctor at a local clinic.  The medical professionals believed that the marks on his body were caused by bed bugs.  Our client had never experienced a bed bug bite before.  Our client had stayed at that hotel several times in the past and could not believe that bed bugs could have infested such a clean looking place.

After filling several prescriptions, our client went back to the hotel and asked that his room be inspected for bed bugs.  After being told to wait for almost 30 minutes for someone to help him, he remembered the mattresses and headboards from the day before.  It dawned on him that perhaps the hotel knew about an ongoing bed bug infestation and was changing out infested mattresses.  Our client went over to the thrown away mattresses and discovered that they were crawling with bugs.  It had to be that the room he stayed in was infested with the same bugs, but he was not told.  He was merely told that the rooms were being renovated and that his room was already complete.  This was discovered to be a lie.Orlando Hotel Bed Bug Injury Case Settles

Still shocked by this discovery, our client went to his room with an employee from building maintenance.  The room was inspected and there were dozens of bed bugs discovered crawling on the floor near the headboard and on the box spring.  Our client was disgusted by what he had just seen and immediately took his belongings and threw them away.  His suitcase had been on the bed, his clothes had been on the bed and on the floor.  Our client had to buy new clothes to wear so he could travel home after this horrible experience.

After getting home and settling back into his normal routine, our client did some online research about bed bugs and hotels.  He was able to contact our office the same day and we opened up a claim.  After approximately 6 months of investigation and negotiations with a major insurance company, the claim was able to settle for a confidential amount.  Our client had suffered numerous scars on his legs and neck as a result of constant scratching.

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