Bed Bugs Will Infest Anywhere

Bed bugs will infest anywhere they can get food.  Bed bugs feed on human blood, and do not care how or where they get it.  We have seen bed bug infestations in schools, hospitals, homes, hotels and motels.  Bringing bed bugs into your home can be catastrophic, you must be very careful to not allow bed bugs into your home.  But how can you prevent this from happening?  While it is usually difficult to pinpoint the source of a bed bug infestation in your home, one thing is clear.  Furniture purchases can be a prime location for bed bugs to Bed Bugs in Rental Furniture  invade your home.  This can be from new, used or rented furniture.

Rental Furniture Infested with Bed Bugs

Furniture rental companies like Rent a Center and Aaron’s provide a great service for their customers.  People who could not afford to furnish their homes, can pay a low monthly cost for beds, couches televisions etc.  Furniture rental companies know that bed bugs are a real issue.  The problem is that most do not take enough precautions to protect their customers.  Some even try to get around liability by labeling furniture “as is”.  But even with warning labels, companies should be held responsible for causing injuries to their customers.   We have represented individuals injured by bed bug infestations nationwide.

About Rental Furniture and Bed Bugs

Not all rental furniture is new.  Whenever a customer cannot afford to make payments, the company will repossess it so it can be rented again and again.  Furniture can also be returned after the contract expires.  Hopefully the company will properly inspect and clean the furniture before renting it again.  This is not always the case.  Often enough we find out that the repossessed or returned furniture is stored in a warehouse without having been cleaned.  If the returned furniture is infested with bed bugs, it will infest all surrounding furniture.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

The most obvious sign of a bed bug infestation on furniture is live bed bugs.  If you do not see live bugs, check for other signs of bed bugBed Bugs in Rental Furniture  infestations.  You may see shed bed bug skins.  When bed bugs feed and grow, they shed their skins and leave them behind.  You may also see red/brown/black spots on the furniture and on bed seams and couch cushion seams.  These marks are “fecal spots” or feces the bed bugs leave behind after feeding.  You should carefully inspect every piece of furniture before you let it into your home.  If you spot any signs of bed bugs at the time of purchase or delivery, notify the company and do not let the furniture inside your house.

Bed Bug Lawsuit

If your home becomes infested with bed bugs due to rental furniture, you should contact us. If we can prove that the bed bugs came from the rental company, there is a good chance you have a winning case.

Please contact our firm as soon as possible to discuss your bed bug case. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can get you the money you deserve.

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