Over the last several years, we have noticed a tremendous increase in bed bug populations nationwide.  Bed bug infestations tend to appear and spread the most in areas with large populations.  Bed bugs are expert travelers and will attach themselves to people and animals to get around.  Bed bugs can live for weeks without eating and bed bug eggs can survive for months before hatching.  Orlando has a huge local population and enjoys millions of travelers each year from across the globe.  Orlando is home to Orlando Florida Bed Bug Injury Claims  hundreds of hotels, motels and vacation rentals which makes it a true hot spot for bed bug activity.

Orlando bed bug infestations do not just impact hotels, motels and vacation rentals.  Orlando bed bug infestations also harm furniture stores, nursing homes, daycare centers and resorts.

As a hot spot for tourism and people moving to the area, Orlando, Florida residents and visitors are at potential risk for suffering from bed bug bites and infestations. Victims of bed bugs have rights and potential ability to recover damages for their losses.

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How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Getting bitten is a very strong indicator of a bed bug infestation, but is not the only way to determine whether bed bugs are the cause.  There are many other signs to look for when determining whether a bed bug infestation is ongoing.  Look for black stains on mattresses, headboards, box springs and sheets.  These black stains are fecal stains are the poop excreted by the bed bugs after eating a blood meal.  It can look like someone took a black Sharpie and dotted the mattress and box spring.Orlando Florida Bed Bug Injury Claims

Bed bugs follow a life cycle.  They begin as eggs.  Bed bug eggs are very difficult to see with the naked human eye.  After bed bugs hatch, the insect comes out and is very small and translucent “nymphs”.  Nymphs can be difficult to see due to their size and lack of color, but when they have recently fed, the red blood is visible throughout their bodies.  After feeding on blood, the bed bug nymph will grow larger and shed its skin.  The bed bug will grow and shed its skin 5 times before becoming an adult.  These skin casings are left behind and are excellent evidence of a long term infestation.

What to do if Bed Bugs are Found

If you have found evidence of bed bugs in your hotel room or on recently purchased furniture, take pictures.  It is very important to capture evidence of the infestation before it gets cleaned up. You should notify hotel staff of the problem right away.  The same goes for furniture companies, a report needs to be made to the furniture company to let them know you were sold bed bug infested furniture.

You cannot continue to stay in a hotel room infested with bed bugs.  Nor could you allow infested furniture to remain in your home.  Make sure that you check out of the hotel room right away and either ask to be moved to another room, or leave the hotel entirely.  If you have purchased furniture, have a report made by the company, and have the infested furniture removed from your home.

Experiencing a bed bug infestation is extremely stressful.  Many of our clients have lost weeks of sleep and spent thousands of dollars trying to kill bed bugs in their homes.  Through this very stressful situation it is important to keep notes and document the experience in detail.  Keeping a log of the events will help build your potential claim.Orlando Florida Bed Bug Injury Claims

Property damage is also a big part of any bed bug lawsuit.  Before throwing away any of your belongings, take pictures of them and keep receipts, if you have them.  Insurance companies are very reluctant to pay anything for lost or damaged property without evidence that the property existed.

Can I file Lawsuit Against a Hotel or Furniture Company for Bed Bugs?

Depending on the severity of your injuries and the evidence gathered during our investigation, you could be eligible to receive damages.  Companies that sell furniture, and hotels owe customers and guests a high duty of care to prevent against bed bug infestations and injuries.

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