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Bed bugs in hotels affect thousands of people each year.  It makes a lot of sense for hotels to be infested with bed bugs year after year.  Hotels by their very nature are places where human beings gather and sleep.  Over the course of one Bed Bugs in Hotels  year, a busy hotel can accommodate thousands of people from all over the United States and even the world.  When that many people are coming in and out of the property, it is no surprise that pests can be brought in.  The issue is never “what if” bed bugs infest a hotel, it is always “when will” bed bugs arrive.  Hotels know that bed bugs are just a part of the business of running a hotel.  The problem becomes when hotels fail to put procedures in place to identify bed bugs and prevent them from spreading.  When hotels fail in this responsibility, people get hurt.

Bed Bugs in hotels have made a major impact on the traveling public in the United States.  There are thousands of people who have recently returned from vacation and have dealt with the horrible experience of a bed bug infestation.  You are not the only ones who have dealt with this situation and you will not be the last.  Bed bugs have been around for millennia and are not showing any signs of going away soon.

Bed Bug Signs in Hotel rooms

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood.   If you are staying at a hotel, there are indicators which will show the existence of a bed bug infestation in your room.  Knowing what to look for in a hotel room will help prevent you and your family from being attacked in the night.  Before accepting the room, you should place your belongings in the bathroom, away from the carpet.  You should look at the mattress and box spring for blood stains.  People bitten by bed bugs will likely bleed in the night causing these stains on the bed.  Black spots on the mattress, in the corners and seams of both the mattress and box spring are an indicator of bed bugs.Bed Bugs in Hotels

Bed bugs feed on human blood, digest it and excrete a black substance causing these black marks.  The black spots are known as “fecal spotting” and is the feces of a bed bug.  You should also be on the lookout for both live and dead bed bugs.  Live bed bugs are small, brown/red and round, about the size of an apple seed and are visible to the naked eye.  You could also see dead bed bugs, or shed bed bug skins.  When bed bugs feed and grow in size, they shed their outer skin which falls to the ground.  If you see any of these signs in the room, do not accept it.  These things must be reported to hotel management and to the local health department.  There is no justifiable reason for these indicators to exist in your room and if you find these indicators, it is clear that the hotel is negligent in maintenance of their property.  

Bed Bug Bite Treatment

Bed bug bites are painless.  Bed bugs have chemicals in their saliva which numb the bite location and prevent the victim from realizing they are being bitten.  The bite marks often appear with in 24-48 hours after the initial bite.  There are some situations where bite marks take even longer to appear.  The time it takes for a bite to appear will vary depending on each persons sensitivity.  Bed bug bite marks will appear in small clusters on in a straight line.  Bed Bug bites are painful, very itchy and can last for several weeks.  The more you scratch them, the greater the risk of infection and potential for permanent scarring.  Medical treatment can help alleviate the pain and itching.Bed Bugs in Hotels

Beyond the physical bite marks and scars, many of our clients suffer emotional distress and anxiety.  Long after the bite marks have healed, the stress will linger.  Many people suffer anxiety, loss of sleep and itching for years. Even without bite marks or bugs present, the feeling of being itchy and feeling bugs crawl on your skin can continue for months or longer.  Many of our clients require treatment from a psychologist or psychiatrist to help manage the psychological symptoms of having suffered a bed bug bite attack.  Do not be afraid to seek psychological help if you are suffering these symptoms after a bed bug attack.

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