Our investigation of this incident revealed that between November 7, 2013 and November 10, 2013, our client, Mr. GW was a guest at a beach resort in Panama City Beach, Florida. On or about November 9, 2013, Mr. GW awoke and observed several fresh blood stains scattered all over the sheets. Then, Mr. GW observed a bed bug running amongst the sheets. Next, Mr. GW checked his body for any scratched or cuts and did not observe any. Moments later, a maintenance representative came to his room and conducted a brief examination. The maintenance representative said, “The third and fourth floors had just been sprayed for bugs.” Mr. GW demanded he be moved to another room, but was informed no room was available because the property was sold out. Mr. GW searched for other hotels in the area, but nothing was available. All of the hotels were sold out because a popular motorcycle festival was in town.

Lawyers Obtain Settlement for Client Bit By Bed Bugs Before Lawsuit Filed

The next morning, Mr. GW awoke with multiple bites all over his body. Then, Mr. GW lifted up the mattress and inspected the box spring and bedframe. Mr. GW found a community of bed bugs on the box spring. Mr. GW immediately went to the front desk, showed his bites to the receptionist and demanded a new room. The receptionist said, “We already gave you a free room, and we are not going to move you to another room.” Mr. GW and his wife checked out immediately thereafter and returned home early to Alabama.

Lawyers Obtain Settlement for Client Bit By Bed Bugs Before Lawsuit Filed

Once being retained by Mr. GW our bed bug lawyers immediately went to work. We collected evidence, spoke with witnesses and prepared the case for litigation. We quickly submitted a demand to the adjuster and within weeks had an offer. The offer was a nuisance value offer and rejected by Mr. GW. Mr. GW authorized us to file a lawsuit against the hotel. We drafted the lawsuit and gave the insurance carrier 14 days to respond before it was filed with the court. Shortly thereafter, a new adjuster took over the case and made a new and increased offer to Mr. GW. Mr. GW was pleased with the offer and agreed to accept. Within 30 days, Mr. GW had his money. Mr. GW plans on using a portion of his proceeds to return to Florida and attend the motorcycle festival.


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