The attorneys at are fantastic.  I had been attacked in a motel in Fort Lauderdale over Christmas 2016.  The case took a while to resolve but we were able to pay off our medical bills, replace all of our lost property and then some.  Florida Bed Bug Attorney Testimonial

My family and I were traveling together on vacation from South Carolina to Fort Lauderdale for 5 nights.  We stayed at a small motel near the beach in Fort Lauderdale.  The first night we slept at the motel, we noticed that we were being bitten on our arms and legs.  We did not know what was causing the bites, but since everyone had the same marks we figured it was a rogue mosquito or something.  We did not see bugs in the room until the 4th night when we noticed a small round brown bug crawling on the floor near the bed.  We got close and squashed it with a  paper towel.  The bug let out red blood all over the paper towel.  We were all very grossed out.

What to do After Finding the Florida Bed Bug in a Motel Room

After seeing that bug, we searched throughout the room.  Behind the headboard, under the mattress and behind the nightstandsFlorida Bed Bug Attorney Testimonial  we found more of the same type of bug.  We panicked and called the front desk.  Front desk manager said that they were likely “sand fleas” and not bed bugs because they had not had bed bugs before.  After the attorneys at, it was discovered that there was a bed bug infestation in the room and likely had been there for a long time.  There were bugs in all stages of life in the room and there was a lot of  black spotting on the mattress, box spring and head board.  We packed up our things and moved out right away.

Florida Bed Bug Attorney Testimonial

Effects of Bed Bug Bites are More Than Physical

Moving out of the hotel the night before our trip was supposed to end was an incredibly difficult time.  We had to take all of our belongings to a local Ft. Lauderdale laundromat to clean and heat up.  We all had to buy cheap T shirts at a beach store to wear at the laundromat so we wouldn’t sit in our underwear.  This whole situation was a nightmare, we were exhausted.  It took months for us to be able to sleep all the way through the night without waking up and scratching ourselves.

The Florida Bed Bug Attorneys helped us through the process, instructed us what to do to preserve evidence and build a case.  The case settled and we are so happy to be able to put this experience behind us.  We are eternally thankful.

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