Physical Injury, Mental Injury, Medical Expenses and Other Pain and Suffering

Individuals who have their lives disrupted by a bed bug encounter suffer from several different types of damages. Not only can victims experience numerous painful bites and welts but they can suffer from emotional and psychological issues as well.

Individuals will typically seek medical treatment for the itching and pain associated with their injuries. Most people will undergo treatment with a primary care physician or a minute clinic. Thereafter, it is common for people to seek follow up treatment with a dermatologist. After the bites and welts fade, it is common for some people to be left with long term skin discoloration and in some cases scarring. As a result, those individuals will typically seek additional treatment in an attempt to rid themselves of any residual injuries. Additionally, don’t forget to take as many pictures as possible of your bed bug bites. It is very important that you track the progression of your injuries.

Can I Recover Compensation for My Bed Bug Related Injuries?

If an individual is having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, fears related to traveling or staying at hotels, and/or anxiety stemming from a bed bug encounter it is common that they will seek psychiatric treatment.

All of these injuries and the expenses associated with medical treatment are all damages which an individual may attempt to recover from the party responsible for their injuries. However, it is important that you maintain copies of all medical records and itemized bills from each appointment you attend.

Property Damage, Exterminator Costs, and Other Out of Pocket Expenses

In addition to the physical and emotional damages caused by bed bugs, several individuals also suffer property damage and other monetary expenses. It is not uncommon for individuals attacked by bed bugs to discard of every item they took with them to an infested hotel or if the infestation occurred in their home, several pieces of their furniture and clothing. Individuals tend to discard their personal items out of fear the bed bug infestation will spread into their home or will never be remedied unless everything is discarded. If you find yourself in a situation where you believe you must discard of property it is important you first take photographs of each item you are discarding and maintain a detailed, itemized list of all the items.

Can I Recover Compensation for My Bed Bug Related Injuries?

If someone has an infestation in their home or if they fear they took bed bugs with them after staying at an infested hotel, it is common to contact a local extermination company so they can conduct an inspection and prepare an estimate for possible treatment. If an extermination company conducts an inspection of your home, request a copy of the report and the exterminator’s business card. If it is determined that your home needs treatment, maintain a copy of the bill you receive and take down the date and name of the individual who treated your home. Make sure to follow all directions provided to you by the pest control company.

Individuals who purchase creams or over the counter medications to treat their injuries should maintain receipts from all purchases. Others who fear bed bugs may have gotten into their car will typically get their car detailed or inspected. If you have to purchase any items or incur other expenses in response to your bed bug incident, keep receipts for everything you purchase.

Keeping good records and detailed notes will allow for a swift an easy claim handling. When you contact a lawyer about your potential case, an attorney familiar with bed bug claims will want copies of everything requested in this article because these damages, among others may be recoverable in a bed bug claim.

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