Moving into a new apartment is usually an exciting experience. Joy stemming from a fresh start or new surroundings is something most of us have experienced. Unfortunately, this excitement is short lived when the new apartment turns out to be infested with bed bugs.

We recently represented a group of three young women who moved into a new apartment before the start of another semester of college. Within days after moving into the apartment a bed bug was observed in the apartment. At the time the ladies did not know the bug was a bed bug. As the days progressed, the ladies started noticing bites/welts on their bodies. When another bug was observed in the apartment the ladies immediately notified staff of the infestation.

It is important that you immediately notify your apartment complex’s management if you believe your apartment has a bed bugs. You should also start and maintain a detailed journal of all dates and facts surrounding the infestation, including all conversations with the property management and any treatments that occur.

After one of our clients underwent numerous medical treatments and all three had to throw away many of their items, they contacted our office. The ladies no longer wanted to reside in the apartment and our bed bug attorneys helped the ladies get out of their lease without any penalty.

Within days of leaving the apartment our lawyers began preparing to negotiate a settlement for our clients’ injuries with the property’s insurance carrier. Shortly thereafter, the claim was transferred to a local insurance defense law firm and our attorneys argued the facts, evidence and case law applicable to this incident.

Although one of our clients’ did not undergo medical treatment and had no photographic evidence in support of her injuries, our bed bug attorneys were able to reach a global settlement in the amount of $49,800.00 for our clients’ injuries. When our clients heard the outcome they were ecstatic.

If you recently moved into an apartment only to find out it was infested with bed bugs, we may be able to help. Contact our office today and schedule your free consultation. For additional information on what to do if you move into an infested apartment, watch this video at the following link:


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